“…we have had a very successful implementation here in Jamaica. Everything went extremely well thanks to the efforts of your team of Denis and Nerijus. I believe that the results are excellent and that both gentlemen have done fabulous work and have my congratulations on a job well done.”
Christopher Ramdon, Jamaica Broilers Group Limited, IT Manager, 2011

Partner services

Our team may be a valued partner for you, if you need any help with Dynamics AX implementation, development or training. Working with us you not just gain help, you gain our experience. Our guys will transfer their knowledge working on the projects together with your team.

It takes long time to do a simple thing if you lack an experience. With knowlege you can do things in hours what may take days. Thats is how we can help – not just do things, but also teach.

How does it work?

You contact us with the request for help. After initial discussion we agree that either you prepare specifications or we do it ourselves. If we are to write the specifications, we work together with your consultant or client and prepare the specs. Based on the specifications we do the estimate. After you acceptance we can start the work. We will not do anything before you approve.

In case when task batch is bigger, we come on-site, go through the whole list of changes and make sure all is understood and nothing missed. Then we go back home and work remotely.

After work is done, we either deliver work remotely or fly in again and do the delivery, testing on-site as wel as bug fixing, if needed.


We estimate work before we do it and do not start before you accept it - you will never go above your budget.

Before starting develoment, we analyse solution and make sure it is best way of solving the issue. We will suggest you an alternative solution if there is one which is better.

We work extremely quickly and with high quality.

Technical consulting

  • Design and development of changes/amendments in standard Dynamics AX 
  • Design and programming Add-ons for Dynamics AX
  • Web development using Dynamics AX development tools 
  • Building reports with SQL server Reporting services
  • Business analysis
  • Dynamics AX optimization and performance tuning
  • Data conversion from other systems to Dynamics AX
  • Assistance/consulting in Dynamics AX installation and configuration

Dynamics Ax upgrade

  • Upgrade analysis and estimation
  • Code upgrade
  • Data upgrade and archiving historical data
  • User training
  • Go-live in the allowed down-time

Consulting in Dynamics AX

  • Dynamics AX parametrization
  • Business process optimization
  • Helping to adopt system to the various real life scenarios